As any skilled dental practitioner knows, keeping your tools and equipment sterile is integral to preventing cross-infection, while also ensuring that all equipment stays in the highest quality working condition.

Also referred to as dental autoclaves, our sterilizers use steam and pressure to completely disinfect equipment and instruments. This includes state-of-the-art sterilizers that feature digital touch-screen displays, enabling operators to control the time and temperature that the equipment is exposed to within the sterilizer.

Many dental autoclaves use steam to operate, but some sterilizers are also available with dry heat functions, which means moisture can be eliminated from the process.

Dental autoclaves and sterilizers are some of the most highly used pieces of equipment in a dental clinic, meaning it is imperative to purchase from a nationally reputed supplier to ensure the unit is well supported.

Dental Autoclave

Ajax Dental Supplies are proud to be a leading supplier of dental autoclaves in Australia, as well as other dental supplies such as dental unitsdental stoolsmicromotors and more.

We offer a wide range of dental autoclaves that vary in size and configuration, to suit clinics of all sizes and patient turnover. Furthermore, Ajax Dental Supplies own its own manufacturing facility, meaning we can keep our prices low for customers throughout Australia by producing high-quality products inhouse instead of outsourcing.

All our autoclaves/sterilizers comply with current Australian standards required for use in Dental practices. To fulfill all the requirements of your dental clinic and guarantee patient satisfaction and safety, purchase all your necessary supplies from Ajax Dental Supplies.

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