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Dental consumables/disposables are essential for every dental clinic, ensuring stringent hygiene standards are maintained and patients receive the highest quality of care possible. Ajax Dental Supplies provide these staple items to dental clinics throughout Australia, with all our dental disposables being meticulously purified and designed to deliver outstanding performance. These essential dental disposables include:
  • • Medical balls : Easy and comfortable application to absorb substances
  • • Face masks : Necessary items for the protection of dental staff
  • • Cotton rolls : Cylindrical cotton rolls to help ensure patients don't bite their tongue or compress their airways
  • • Mirror wipes : Easily removes fog and debris and retracts tissue gently
  • • Cotton tipped applicators : A product that is as versatile as it is simple
  • • Non-woven sponges : Ideal for oral surgery and periodontal applications, providing high absorption
  • • Gloves : Another necessary item for the protection of dental staff
The aforementioned products are just some of the dental consumables/disposables Ajax Dental Supply. We are able to quickly deliver our dental disposables throughout Australia, ensuring that your dental clinic has a well-stocked and consistent supply of all these essential items. Our consumables/disposables meet the highest safety and hygiene standards for both patients and staff, whilst avoiding the necessity to re-sterilize. Ajax Dental Supplies ensure that all our dental consumables/disposables are competitively-priced to help keep your Practice's daily running costs low. Contact Ajax Dental Supplies today to enquire about our vast product range or arrange for prompt delivery of your required dental consumables/disposables.

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