Amalgam Separator (Chairside)

Amalgam Separator

Amalgam separators are an essential piece of equipment for every dental clinic, separating solid particles and secretions from your water waste and collecting it to be disposed of later. All the amalgam separators offered by Ajax Dental Supplies are not only highly functional, but also make minimal noise.

All of our amalgam separators meet current legislations for separating amalgam from waste water, ensuring your clinic is hygienic and safe for both yourself and your patients. The range includes 100% self-contained separators which can be installed easily by the chair-side and replaced with minimal hassle.

By installing our amalgam separators at your dental clinic, you can minimise the amount of waste sludge that accumulates in the main vacuum as well as pipe build-up which can lead to reduced flow and expensive repairs. Furthermore, our amalgam separators prolong the life of your clinic’s vacuum system, meaning no costly repairs down the track!

All waste amalgam is collected in a convenient cartridge, allowing you recycle the waste amalgam in a safe, easy and efficient way. Australian standards require any amalgam separators to achieve at least 95% waste removal efficiency, with all of our products meeting or exceeding this standard.

Ajax Dental Supplies also design all our amalgam separators with eco-friendliness in mind, ensuring that waste products do not enter the waterways or affect the ecosystem. Furthermore, Ajax Dental Supplies have the expertise to integrate our amalgam separators into any dental clinic, whether it needs to be installed during the renovation or construction of your facility, or retrofitted into an existing clinic.

Ajax Dental Supplies have earned our enviable reputation by manufacturing high-quality products, providing excellent customer service and offering prompt repairs for all dental equipment. Contact Ajax Dental Supplies today for personalised product recommendations or further information on our superior-quality amalgam separators available for purchase and installation throughout Australia.

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