BevistoCryl: Hospital Grade Disinfectant – Hard Surface

  • BevistoCryl: Hospital Grade Disinfectant - Hard Surface
  • pH neutral. No phenols, no aldehydes and no alcohol. Designed to foam. Foam prevents the user from inhaling hazardous chemicals and is very economical For cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. Sensitive on dental chair upholstery, soft plastics, leathers and metal surfaces. Compatible with dental chair upholstery. Used with BevistoCryl Foam Dispenser. Biodegradable to OECD. Quick broad efficacy. Bactericidal (incl MRSA), yeasticidal and virus-inactivating against Vaccinia. Times of effect: Vaccinia 60sec Bactericidal (incl MRSA) 60sec Yeasticidal 60sec   The term Hard Surfaces: Hard surfaces are a combination of porous and nonporous materials. Common hard-surface materials are stainless steel, solid surface, laminate, porcelain, and a wide variety of tile and ridged plastic materials. Some of the more common porous surfaces include laminate, granite, and various types of tile and plastic materials. 
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