• Dental x-ray plate scanner for sale
Dental x-ray plate scanner for sale


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Dental x-ray plate scanner for sale

Dental x-ray plate scanner for sale at Ajax Dental Supplies Pty Ltd is an amazing tool for both chairside and shared multi-room use. It carries out your ordinary assignments with ease because of its innovative design and guarantees a quick scanning procedure.

With an efficient and exquisite design, the dental x-ray plate scanner for sale at Ajax Dental Supplies Pty Ltd fits any room. It enables you to take top-quality pictures in only seconds. A preview picture is shown on the scanner’s LCD screen for instant confirmation of the outcome, while the eraser readies the plates for additional utilization. The latest pictures are saved on the scanner’s memory card for upgraded security.

The dental x-ray plate scanner for sale has imaging plates that are tough, but also extra soft for ease of use. They come in all imaging plate sizes – 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4c. The plates are fitted with a RFID chip with an electronic number identifier. You can sort, view, and look at pictures for quality control, as well as check exposures by utilizing the serial number of each plate.

The dental x-ray plate scanner for sale is a perfect solution for all types of facilities. The scanner can be shared between various treatment rooms with the assistance of its smart RFID chip. In shared use, the plates can be labelled to a specific workstation and patient document by reading their sequential numbers in the treatment room.


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Ajax Dental Supplies Pty Ltd. specializes in all kind of dental equipment. Owning and operating our own manufacturing facility in mainland China since 2006 has enabled us to produce and supply high quality Dental equipment at competitive prices. We are always refining and designing new products (with many more coming soon), but our key focus is “Reliability” with all our products, including Suction Units, Compressors and especially our popular Ajax Dental units and Stools. Locally warehoused in Melbourne, goods and spare parts are well stocked for fast delivery to facilitate a high level of support with minimal downtime for the customer. We are always looking for experienced regional dealers across Australia and offer on-site training to technicians.
Our goal is to design, create and supply modern reliable dental equipment at an affordable price.


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