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Dental Suction Unit


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Dental Suction Unit

Ajax Dental Supplies are committed to ensuring that we can cater for all dental requirements and needs of dental clinicians throughout Australia. For over a decade we’ve supplied materials, appliances, tools, and specialised equipment including dental suction unit that adopts the latest technological developments and advances. By taking into account the physical limitations of our clients, combined with the comfort level of their patients, we can provide a wide range of expertly designed and manufactured dental equipment tailored to the industry.

When conducting thorough examinations or providing treatment, dental professionals are going to encounter excess levels of saliva and blood, along with fragments of plaque and enamel, which can greatly obscure vision no matter how much light is shone inside the oral cavity.

To prevent this mix of fluid and debris from hindering examinations or treatment, Ajax Dental Supplies has a selection of reputable and competitively-priced dental suction unit available. Designed to operate at low decibel levels for the comfort of the patient and staff, our dental suction unit can ensure that the fluid and debris levels are kept to a minimum, enabling a greater level of visual clarity and accuracy.

Integrated powerful and miniaturised motors in our selection of central suction systems, is the key to improved performance and stand out as the leading dental suction unit available in the market. To view one of our durable and easy-to-install and maintain dental suction unit in action feel free to call us today on 03 9879 3801 or 0402 339 905


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Company profile

Ajax Dental Supplies Pty Ltd. specializes in all kind of dental equipment. Owning and operating our own manufacturing facility in mainland China since 2006 has enabled us to produce and supply high quality Dental equipment at competitive prices. We are always refining and designing new products (with many more coming soon), but our key focus is “Reliability” with all our products, including Suction Units, Compressors and especially our popular Ajax Dental units and Stools. Locally warehoused in Melbourne, goods and spare parts are well stocked for fast delivery to facilitate a high level of support with minimal downtime for the customer. We are always looking for experienced regional dealers across Australia and offer on-site training to technicians.
Our goal is to design, create and supply modern reliable dental equipment at an affordable price.


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