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Dental light for sale


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Dental light for sale

Ajax Dental Supplies Pty Ltd offers the widest range of dental light for sale with the maximum level of illumination as per recommendation of most dental operators and ergonomic specialists.

The special dental light for sale allows you to observe in unadulterated light for precise, predictable results. The lights emanate low heat and no noise which means more energy efficiency and no need for a fan for cooling. The efficient design lets it effectively float into the precise position required.

Unlike most dental lights that just give a light power of up to 25,000 lux. Our range of dental light for sale include dental light that gives 30,000 lux, the most significant standard of lighting recommended by dental operatory ergonomic masters. The uniform light with smooth edges limits shadowing and diminishes eye strain and weariness. 

The auto option turns the dental light on consequently when the seat arrives at the treatment position and turns it off in the section/leave position while the remote function enables you to flip among settings and turn the dental light on and off without contacting the light head. 

The LEDs in the dental light for sale are very dependable. They use around one fifth the intensity of a conventional quartz incandescent lamp with a life of as long as 40,000 hours, or almost 20 years of every day use.


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Company profile

Ajax Dental Supplies Pty Ltd. specializes in all kind of dental equipment. Owning and operating our own manufacturing facility in mainland China since 2006 has enabled us to produce and supply high quality Dental equipment at competitive prices. We are always refining and designing new products (with many more coming soon), but our key focus is “Reliability” with all our products, including Suction Units, Compressors and especially our popular Ajax Dental units and Stools. Locally warehoused in Melbourne, goods and spare parts are well stocked for fast delivery to facilitate a high level of support with minimal downtime for the customer. We are always looking for experienced regional dealers across Australia and offer on-site training to technicians.
Our goal is to design, create and supply modern reliable dental equipment at an affordable price.


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